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Label: Contrastes Records (UK)
Year: 2023
Program: RETURNS

Paul Cesarczyk, guitar


Jakub Reys

Prelude – Fantasia – Courante – Prelude II – Galliard – Courante II


Giulio Regondi

Etude No. 1

Etude No. 8


Leo Brouwer

Estudios sencillos I-V, XVIII, XX


Per Norgard



Paul Cesarczyk

Polish Folk Melodies (2008)



Yesterday (Arr. T. Takemitsu)

Label: DUX Records (Poland)
Year: 2022
Program: RYTERBAND: The Journey


Roman Ryterband

Sonatina for Guitar (1978)

Paul Cesarczyk, guitar

Label: Guitar Review (US)

New Music Series Vol. 7

Year: 2008 


Paul Cesarczyk
Polish Folk Melodies (2008)

-You’ll take the high road

-There, by the forest

-Otyllia’s Ballad

-The testament of a drunkard

-A pear in the field

-Little Spark

-Zofia wanted some berries

-Jakub Drinks to Jacob

-A Sad tune

-The girl sneers at me

Paul Cesarczyk, guitar

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